Trump Election Team: At least 100 Contacts with Russians as More Americans Begin to Shout “Impeach Trump”

Trump unpopular

Trump’s team, under the guidance of billionaire Robert Mercer, had at least 100 contacts with Russian agents during the campaign and transition according to the Moscow Project/Center for American Progress.

No longer should we be looking at collusion. We should be looking at conspiracy and treason. The evidence piling up against Trump and his criminal supporters is producing more fire than smoke. The truth is no longer in doubt; Trump is a Russian Agent and has been since 1987. Without the use of illegal and immoral aid by foreign nations, Trump would have failed miserably in all of his efforts to grow his personal business.

Trump’s entire existence is an illusion. He has been a failure throughout his entire life. He was given deferments allowing him to avoid military service. His father obviously colluded with a doctor renting one of his apartments to falsify his alleged bone spurs. He did not receive a one-million-dollar loan from his father, he received a $400 million inheritance. He lost nearly all of his inheritance and was rescued by the Saudi royal family in 1995. Again in 2005 Trump was about to declare bankruptcy. After taking the “Miss Universe Pageant to Moscow, he returned to New York and witnessed his real estate empire grow. Can you say, “money laundering?”

Trump is a traitor and must be impeached. Real Americans have had enough of the most evil man in the world. Time to end this and remove him from office now.

The Truth Lives Here

Op-ed by this “Wise Old Fart,” James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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