Would Declaring a ‘National Emergency’ to Build an Unnecessary Wall be an Act of ‘Fascism?’

Donald Hitler

Fascism: “A political system based on a very powerful leader, state control of social and economic life, and extreme pride in country and race, with no expression of political disagreement allowed.”

The whiny baby in the White House is an admitted ‘nationalist’ who wants his wall; his ego needs some help. Trump is now claiming that he has the right and “maybe, definitely” will declare a national emergency to pay for his 16th century wall. He will be embezzling funds designated for real national emergencies.

I am certain that most Americans, 69 percent, who oppose the wall want to know if this is legal. No one can give me a definite “yes,” or “no.” However, what I do know is that it would be another fascist action taken by your illegitimate president.

The definition with which I began this article is conclusive. Trump’s pathetic party surrendered congressional powers to their fuhrer. This gave him power he should never have had. Trump is mentally incompetent, and not an American. Every action taken by your illegitimate president was conducted in a partisan manner. Democrats were removed from the process, until that changed eight days ago.

Trump has obviously watched documentaries describing the tactics of Adolf Hitler in 1930’s Germany; (remember, he doesn’t read). Hitler removed all access to the legitimate press and all ‘alternative facts’ came directly from the government. He successfully used lies filled with fear to control the German people. Trump has implemented one belief of the notorious dictator with some success: “tell a lie often enough and the people will believe it.” There is no ‘crisis’ on our southern border. Criminals and terrorists are not coming to America through Mexico. Only Americans who choose to be ignorant support those lies.

The facts: Trump acts like an autocrat, not an elected American president. He refuses to work with Democrats or listen to the majority of the American people. Trump has declared war on all Americans who are not pure white or claim to be Christian. He refuses to take advice from anyone including his own staff, and the generals and admirals in the Pentagon. Trump continues his attempts to amass all power in Washington. If that’s not fascism, the definition is invalid.

The Truth Lives Here

Op-ed by this “Wise Old Fart,” James Turnage


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