No “Emergency” on our Southern Border but Trump Will Embezzle Emergency Funds to Build his “Wall”


Trump unpopular

Everything Trump has said about the necessity for a “wall” is a lie. There are virtually no terrorists crossing our southern border, and few felons. There is no crisis, and a “wall” is a moronic answer; not the solution to our huge immigration problem, or border security.

Fact; nearly all suspected terrorists arrive in the United States on commercial flights. More than 50 percent of illegal residents arrive on those same commercial flights. Sadly, your illegitimate president lacks the intelligence to understand facts. His refusal to read makes him a man as uninformed as his supporters.

Trump said that he will “maybe definitely declare a national emergency” and build his wall, although 69 percent of all Americans oppose its construction. He will use funds allotted for real emergencies including the reconstruction of Puerto Rico to pay for it. I really don’t need to ask this question, but is Trump an American President? I don’t think so.

Under Trump’s plan, he would declare a national emergency and take funds from a $13.9 billion budget that has been set aside for the Army Corps of Engineers for civil works projects around the country, including in Puerto Rico, which remains in complete disarray due to the impact of Hurricane Maria. According to NBC News.

This is entirely believable. Trump is a ‘serial embezzler.’ He has refused to pay contractors and stolen from his own charity for years. Steeling money from funds needed for real emergencies would not surprise anyone who knows this ‘criminal-in-chief.’

Meanwhile, 800,000+ government employees will not receive their paychecks today. Trump and his circle of sinners don’t care about the American people.

I have not suggested impeachment previously, but I now believe that it is mandatory. He is causing harm to the American people daily; and this must stop.

Trump has inspired hatred across America. During his rallies he tells his supporters to hate everyone who opposes him. Millions of Americans, including myself, have been forced to feel emotions we have attempted to reject, including anger and hatred. Trump is destroying my country and violating the Constitution. His hypocritical and incompetent party continues to support him. TIME FOR CHANGE. IMPEACH DONALD JOHN TRUMP.

The Truth Lives Here

Op-ed by this “Wise Old Fart,” James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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