The Democratic House Reveals a Bold and Patriotic Agenda

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Yesterday the 116th Congress was sworn into office. The Democratic House wasted no time setting an agenda which would restore democracy to many Americans disenfranchised by the Republican Party.

House Democrats unveiled Friday the ‘For the People Act,’ a comprehensive package of democratic reforms and the first major bill of the 116th Congress. The bill is “a sweeping combination of election, campaign finance and ethics reforms designed to make voting easier, curb the power of big donors and reduce conflicts of interest in all three branches of government.”

Millions of disenfranchised voters will have their rights restored. Voter registration will become easier for tens-of-millions of Americans. Campaign financing will eliminate corporate money from dominating elections, and all presidential candidates will be forced to reveal 10 years of their Federal Income Tax returns.

Any individual who submits paperwork to any state agency would automatically be registered to vote, unless they choose to opt out of the process. It would also restore voting rights to at least five-million former felons. It would also forbid the Republican process of sending out non-forwardable mail to currently registered voters, which removed them from the list of eligible voters if the mail was returned and labeled ‘undeliverable.’ All government employees would receive a day off with pay on election day, and the private sector would be encouraged to do the same.

There are multiple other provisions which would encourage a large voter turnout which you can read in the attached article.

Republicans will hate this. They have attempted to suppress voting rights for over three decades. Statistics prove that large voter turnouts favor Democrats.

Fact: If the Electoral College did not exist, and the presidency was decided by the popular vote, a Democrat would have been living in the White House since 1993.

In Washington the war has begun. Democrats have youth and energy on their side. Republican soldiers average more than 60 years of age and have failed to do anything which would have positively affected the American people for more than three decades.

Change is coming and Republican politicians will be leaving Washington; this is our country, not theirs.

The Truth Lives Here

Op-ed by this “Wise Old Fart,” James Turnage


Photo courtesy of Dan Keck

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