The Showdown: Democratic Socialism vs Capitalism

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One of our nation’s greatest problems is income inequality. Because this is a growing situation in America, the number of men, women, and children living in poverty and the low-income level grow each year. Fewer Americans can afford to attend our colleges and universities than at any other time in our nation’s history. Healthcare costs have bankrupted families. Economists predict that few if any of our nation’s young men and women will be able to afford a single-family home.

Of course, the right-wing, and their propaganda machine, FOX Noise, are denouncing change in America. They continue to reject what most Americans support, Medicare for all, free education, and an increase in green energy production.

There is a growing fear on the right side of the aisle that younger, progressive Democrats will destroy what remains of the Republican Party.

The truth; capitalism has failed the people as it has throughout history. One-percent of Americans control 90 percent of the wealth. With Trump’s goal of making America a plutocracy, and eventually a fascist state, this problem is growing. The working class does not have a lobby, and therefore all lobbies are unconstitutional. This is a violation of the 14th amendment which requires equal protection under the law. But congress will never do anything about this fact.

Bernie Sanders, who had more young supporters than any other candidate in 2016, first promoted democratic socialism, and has been joined by two young women who are being sworn into the House today; Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Rashida Tlaib.

In a poll of Democrats, 47 percent claim to prefer capitalism; 57 percent prefer a form of socialism. This is not a surprise. In the last three decades our government has supported the wealthy and virtually ignored the working class. The decennial census revealed that wages had been stagnant for more than 10 years, adjusted for inflation.

“Democracy is not compatible with capitalism but is congruent with a version of democratic socialism in which the wealth, resources, and benefits of a social order are shared in an equitable and just manner.” Henry Giroux

“Deregulation created this epidemic of greed which according to the rules of capitalism was OK. Beyond that there was criminal behavior. There have been no repercussions and it’s hard to make your peace with.” Brad Pitt

In a movie Brad Pitt has an interesting line: “America is not a country, it’s a business.”

Younger Americans, specifically the largest voting bloc, millennials, support a form of socialism. Now, don’t go “FOX Noise” one me. Socialism is not communism. Socialism requires laws and regulations which guarantee that the working class will share in the success of the businesses they work for. In other words, healthcare, education, and adequate retirement benefits would be a right and not a privilege for all Americans.

In 2020 it is highly likely that more young men and women will be elected to the House and Senate. With an average age of 37.8 years of age, most Americans are aware that old, white men have failed the people of the United States.

Please plan to vote now. It can change the way the working class is treated in America. This is our country, not theirs.

The Truth Lives Here

Op-ed by this “Wise Old Fart,” James Turnage


Photo courtesy of George Rex

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