FOX Noise is at it Again, proving that they are the Right-Wing Propaganda Machine and not a News Agency

FOX (3)

Floundering FOX Noise is desperately attempting to diminish the fact that young Democrats are the true leaders in our political system today. At every opportunity they falsely make personal attacks against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Beto O’Rourke.

Sadly, for FOX, they are witless and are being defeated by these two young and patriotic Democrats; something they know nothing about. This failing fake-news show continues to support old, white degenerates such as Trump, McConnell, Cornyn, Grassley, and other failed Republicans in name only.

Ms. Ocasio-Cortez has been unfairly criticized by FOX fake-journalists for everything from the way she dresses to the fact that she supports democratic socialism, the only thing than can save America from the failures of capitalism.

Mr. O’Rourke barely lost to Ted Cruz in the extremely red state of Texas on November 6, 2018. He outraised Cruz by millions of dollars, revealing the fact that his popularity is not a one-time phenomenon.

Cruz has a well-deserved reputation as the “most hated man in the senate,” and barely won reelection in a state where a Democrat has not won a seat in the senate since 1988. Each year Texas battles Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi for the title of ‘most racist state in the Union.’

Mr. O’Rourke is being urged to run for the presidency in 2020. Here’s the truth; he has a far better chance of winning than Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, or Joe Biden.

All three have served our nation with dignity and a deep love for their country and our people. However, Senator Warren will be 70 in 2020; Senator Sanders will be 79; and Mr. Biden, 77 on election day. They are too old to represent a population which averages 37.8 years of age. Old man Trump has proven that anyone over the age of 60 is unfit to lead this young nation.

Most importantly, Millennials, ages 22-37, are the largest voting block in America. They can control any election. Secondly, women compose 51 percent of our nation’s population and they supported younger candidates, mostly women, in the midterm elections. Mr. O’Rourke is 46-years-of-age. He is relatable to far more Americans.

Others, including Kirsten Gillibrand, age 52, and Kamala Harris, age 54 have age, sex, and experience in their favor. Any of the three would easily defeat the failed old man who is now embarrassing America.

During the next two years FOX will be attacking all three presidential hopefuls; they are literally ‘scared to death.’ Unlike Trump, they are without scandals, are intelligent, moral, and care about the people of our nation.

Plan now to vote; November 3, 2020 is closer than you think. Let’s take back our country; it belongs to us, not them.

The Truth Lives Here

Op-ed by this “Wise Old Fart,” James Turnage


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