Ending the Shutdown could Depend on “Party First Mitch McConnell”

McConnell (3)

Today, January 2, 2019, Trump is meeting with Democratic leaders, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi to discuss options to end the shutdown. Democrats will apparently demand that the original bipartisan agreement be signed and end Trump’s shutdown. The agreement would fund necessary government agencies and add $1.6 billion to border security. However, it will not include full funding for Trump’s unnecessary wall.

Currently 800,000 government workers are on furlough, or working without pay. Two of those working without pay are supported by their union and are suing the federal government.

Justin Tarovisky and Grayson Sharp work in the Federal Bureau of Prisons, and they’re still on the job as essential employees during the shutdown:

“They’re working a dangerous job, they’re critically understaffed, and now, they don’t know when they’ll next get paid,” [attorney Heidi Burakiewicz] said, adding that “essential” employees will continue incurring the costs of commuting to work, such as gas and child care. Without knowing how long the shutdown will last, many workers may be forced to make challenging choice

“They may be paycheck to paycheck, have cellphone bills, mortgages. … It’s unacceptable for any employer, but especially for the U.S. government,” Burakiewicz contended.

Tomorrow the 116th Congress will be sworn-in. Nancy Pelosi will take her position as the new Speaker of the House. She has prepared a new agreement which contains several un-revealed changes to the original, which Trump had promised to sign. The first order of business in the House will to vote on this agreement. If passed, it will be submitted to Mitch McConnell’s Senate. He can take a stand against Trump and encourage its approval, ending the shutdown. But, will he?

McConnell has placed his party ahead of the American people for more than 30 years. He has been America’s biggest traitor. There is a lot to lose for the right wing. Trump’s disapproval rating continues to rise, and the 2020 general election could be a repeat, or worse, of the midterms.

Whoever the Democrats choose to challenge the orange man will already have an advantage. Trump has been exposed as an enemy of the working class. This shutdown belongs to him and him alone, and it’s all being done for political reasons; it has nothing to do with border security. Democrats have long agreed to deliberate sensible border security and immigration, but Republicans have refused to sit down and become serious about either problem.

Our government is not only broken, it has become completely dysfunctional. Change is mandatory.

The House will be in better hands tomorrow, but the senate must have newer and younger members who will return democracy to government. Bipartisanship works; partisan politics does not.

Remember this story on November 3, 2020. Let’s take our country back; it’s ours, not theirs.

The Truth Lives Here

Op-ed by this “Wise Old Fart,” James Turnage

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