How Republicans Surrendered the Presidency to Trump and Signaled the End of the Republican Party

Trump (11)

There are no such things as “great politicians.” The connotation of the label ‘politician’ is tantamount to that of a ‘used car salesmen;’ they can’t be trusted. We do have a few good politicians, a few very qualified public servants, and very few great statesmen; the latter is seen only on a few occasions in a lifetime.

For instance; Ronald Reagan was a good politician; Barrack Obama is a very qualified and caring public servant; and John F. Kennedy was a great statesman.

When Republican politicians and Republican voters surrendered their party to a man who is none of the above, they signaled the demise of the Grand Old Party. They are “Republicans in name only.” The principles and ideals of the GOP have been completely abandoned by every right-wing politician in Washington.

Personally, I believe that it is inaccurate to call Trump a Republican. Years ago, when Trump was a Democrat, he failed to have progressive beliefs. His wasteful spending and tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations prevent him from wearing the label of conservative. Trump is interested in Trump; not America’s future, or the welfare of 320 million people.

In the last 23 months and 12 days Trump has failed to accomplish anything of value to most Americans with the exception of signing a small version of criminal justice reform. He has been free to do as he wishes without criticism or opposition from a single member of his own party. They are hypocrites one and all.

There was some verbal opposition from Bob Corker and Jeff Flake, but when it was time to vote, only the late John McCain took action and served the American people.

As the Republican Party began to move even further to the right and extremists took control of what was once a proud and patriotic group of public servants, the will and ability to deliberate and compromise became nothing more than a memory. Bipartisanship is non-existent. With Trump as their leader they have proven that they lack the ability to govern effectively; the GOP is non-existent in the 21st century.

Although I am no fan of former South Carolina Governor and member of the House of Representatives, Mark Sanford, his evaluation of what is now the failed Republican Party is mostly accurate.

“It’s my belief that where he’s taking our party is in a dangerous direction, both in electoral consequence, which we saw with the midterms, and, more significantly, with regard to the conservative movement,” said [Rep. Mark Sanford].

Today’s Republicans in name only have total disregard for the majority. They have committed their party to serving the wealthy and special interests. The once respected GOP is now the ‘Trump Party.’

Don’t feel sorry for one of them; they made their choice and ignored you and your family.

The election on November 6, 2018 was a beginning. Let’s finish the job on November 3, 2020 and vote all Republicans out of office. This is our country, not theirs.

The Truth Lives Here

Op-ed by this “Wise Old Fart,” James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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