John Kelly: “Trump Abandoned his Wall Months Ago”

Kelly (3)

John Kelly, Trump’s Chief of Staff, will officially leave his post on January 2nd. The retired general was supposed to be a “calming influence” on a volatile and mentally challenged president. He failed, and all hope is lost. This week Kelly is revealing many of the challenges he faced in the tumultuous Trump White House. One of his most interesting revelations involves Trump’s latest mistake. Trump made a unilateral decision to shutdown the government because his unnecessary wall was not fully funded.

Kelly says that Trump abandoned his promise of a solid concrete wall months ago. He claims that the notion of constructing “a solid concrete wall early on in the administration” was nothing more than a campaign promise. It marked the starkest admission yet by the president’s inner circle that his signature campaign pledge, which sparked fervent chants of “build that wall” during Trump’s rallies and is now at the center of a budgetary standoff, would not be fulfilled as advertised. The truth is that there was never even the slightest chance of Mexico paying for it. Trump’s supporters and his enemies will pay for it if it is ever built.

A single fact; Trump has kept only one promise in 23 months and 10 days. Nearly two weeks ago he promised his supporters that if his wall was not fully funded in the new budget, he would shut down the government; promise kept. Another “accomplishment” from Trump which has harmed the American people.

Trump will lose another battle. When intelligence is involved, he is unarmed.

The Truth Lives Here

Op-ed by this “Wise Old Fart,” James Turnage


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