Your Idiot President; the Shutdown, Failed Agents of ICE; Deaths of Innocent Children; the Trump Legacy

Trump Illness

Every decision made by your illegitimate president has been a mistake. From day one when he attempted to implement a ban on all Muslims from entering our nation, with the exception of real terrorists from Saudi Arabia, the nation which saved him from business failure in 1995, to the current ‘Trump Shutdown,’ Trump’s decision-making ability has proven to be non-existent.

He ordered Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell to repeal Obamacare and replace it with anything during his first months in office. The process was rushed and proved to be a complete and embarrassing failure. He ordered a plan completed in less than two months. Obamacare required more than a year to finalize every detail, and even then, it was imperfect.

Trump’s “tax reform” has now been confirmed as a gift to the wealthy and corporations, which will add trillions of dollars to the national deficit. Trump’s decision not to sign the ‘Paris Accord’ will reverse regulations protecting our nation from environmental tragedy. His decision to place tariffs on goods from Canada, Mexico, Europe, and China have already resulted in disastrous results. When he made another unilateral decision to separate children from their families on our southern border who were seeking asylum, he once again created an inhumane and unforgivable situation. When Trump decided to shut down or government, he created a situation which will weaken our economy and harm the working class.

Income inequality has become a desperate situation. More than 46 million Americans now live below the poverty line. Approximately 100 million Americans are labeled as ‘low-income,’ and are one paycheck away from falling below that same poverty line. Trump’s Shutdown has placed 800,000 government employees in the unemployment lines. Will they become part of our nation’s biggest problem; poverty?

ICE is a poorly trained and un-American agency for the right-wing. They are Trump’s personal gestapo. Their only purpose is to harass, ‘round-up,’ and deport Hispanics who have lived in America for most of their lives. Many of them are vital to the economic security of our nation.

When Trump made a unilateral decision to implement a policy called “zero tolerance,” which included a plan to discourage Hispanics from seeking both asylum and immigration by separating families, ICE was eager to assist. The problem is that they are poorly trained and their methods are archaic and cruel. Under Trump’s watch at least two minor children have died because of his decision and inhumane treatment by his ‘storm troopers.’

Trump is once again refusing to face the truth and accept the blame. This is another reason why he is the most hated man in the world; and I am one of them who will never accept his claim to be a human being.

“Any deaths of children or others at the border are strictly the fault of the Democrats and their pathetic immigration policies that allow people to make the long trek thinking they can enter our country illegally,” he wrote in one message, his first public remarks about the deaths. “They can’t. If we had a wall, they wouldn’t even try!”

I am disgusted that the media continues Trump to talk about his ridiculous ‘wall.’ Immigration is a complicated problem and a ‘wall’ would be the least effective answer to the problem. Once again ignorant Americans believe that a simplistic solution is the answer. Millions of Americans would fail an IQ test. Nothing is easy, and a 16th century wall fails to place a small dent in the problem.

I will be very blunt here. If your are a Trump supporter, you are the problem. This man’s entire life is a tale of failure and a lack of accomplishment. Grow-up and educate yourselves.

Republicans are the enemy and can be defeated on November 3, 2020. This is our country, not theirs.

The Truth Lives Here

Op-ed by this “Wise Old Fart,” James Turnage


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