Republicans Praise Trump’s Gestapo; they Killed just Two Children; Hooray!

King, Peter

Add this to your list of traitors to my America; Peter King. King is another Republican politician who cares about profit and rejects compassion for humans. King praised ICE, better known as Trump’s personal gestapo.

“They’ve had hundreds of thousands of people that they had custody of over the years and I think these are the only two children that have died in recent memory”

Of course they don’t matter to King, they’re not pure white. The party of white supremacy has a leader in the White House and they feel free to be themselves.

Let’s be truthful about your illegitimate president and his party. The travel ban was racist; the wall is a racist idea; Trumpcare was racist; Trump’s “tax reform” was racist; seeking cuts in Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security is racist; Mar-a-Lago is racist; Trump’s attacks on the press and support of FOX Noise is racist; supporting Republican candidates in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Florida were acts of racism.

Let’s discuss ICE. This is an unnecessary agency which was hastily created in 2003 in the aftermath of 9/11. We have the Border Patrol which is underfunded and understaffed. ICE has a single purpose; to roundup Trump’s version of Hitler’s Jews who are Hispanic. Their harsh and inhumane treatment of children they crudely and inefficiently separated from their families is unforgivable.

If we are honest, the terrorists who attacked our nation’s innocent people on 9/11 achieved their goals. Republicans used the tragedy of that day to pass the unconstitutional “Patriot Act,” create ICE, and violated the second, fourth, and 14th amendments of the Constitution to serve their own purpose. America became less free and filled with growing fear and hate.

Peter King is symbolic of today’s Republican Party in name only. The have lost all principles and reject morals for the sole purpose of obtaining political power. More importantly they have proven over the last 23 months and nine days that they are incapable of governing our nation.

Let’s plan today for the total destruction of our enemy; the Republican Party.

It will happen on November 3, 2020. Our votes can save America and restore democracy. This is our nation, not theirs

The Truth Lives Here

Op-ed by this “Wise Old Fart,” James Turnage


Photo courtesy of LBJ Library

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