Trump’s Shutdown could Force as many as 800,000 Government Employees to Seek Financial Aid

Arrogant Trump

In just 23 months and seven days Trump has proven to be the most expensive and wasteful president in history. His failure to accept the advice of experienced men and women has cost our nation billions of dollars and it will only get worse. From his “tax reform,” to his tax cuts for the one-percent, his tariffs, and his personal spending, Trump has proven that conservatives never existed in the Republican Party. No Democrat in history has wasted funds at the pace Trump is doing today.

Trump’s unilateral decision to shutdown the government will add additional cost to our nation. It is estimated that a prolonged shutdown will result in approximately 800,000 government employees seeking financial assistance to provide for their families.

This is nothing but a ploy by our nation’s “Con-man-in-Chief” to appease the members of his cult. A 16th century wall will not solve our nation’s immigration problems; they are complex and a simplistic solution is not the answer. Sadly, Republicans do not have the ability to solve problems. Their mental capacity is inferior. They have proven that they cannot govern in the last three decades.

Trump’s fiscal programs have all been proven to be failures. The worst is his implementation of tariffs. Not only have they directly harmed our economy, they have increased the trade deficit by at least seven-percent.

The absolute truth; this shutdown is owned by Trump and Trump alone. His arrogance and ignorance will eventually be his downfall. All despots eventually destroy themselves; they believe that they are smarter than everyone else. Wrong!

The Truth Lives Here

Op-ed by this “Wise Old Fart,” James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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