The Truth how Draft Dodger, Donald Trump, Avoided Going to Vietnam

Trump defined

We all know that Trump avoided the draft and therefore military service in Vietnam. Until now we did not know the whole story.

Trump received four deferments because he was going to college. However, the word is that he received poor grades, and sought another way to ensure that he remained in the United States.

Today it appears that if Trump did graduate from Wharton, his father, Fred, had a part in paying for his diploma. We have now learned that Fred also played a role in his fifth deferment.

Dr. Larry Braunstein was a podiatrist who passed away in 2007. His office was located in Jamaica, Queens, in a building owned by Fred Trump. Trump’s final deferment was given because Dr. Braunstein signed a medical statement that Trump had ‘bone spurs’ in his feet.

Dr. Braunstein’s daughters now claim that their father’s action was a ‘favor’ to Fred Trump.

“I know it was a favor,” Elysa Braunstein told the newspaper, who added that the “small favor” got her father “access” to Fred Trump.

“If there was anything wrong in the building, my dad would call and (Fred) Trump would take care of it immediately,” she told The Times.

Elysa Braunstein also told the newspaper that her father implied that Trump did not have a foot ailment.

I am now wondering if anything in Trump’s pitiful life is based on reality. In the last two-and-one-half years we have learned that Trump was not a successful businessman. We know that he needed help in 1995 to save his business empire and received it from the Saudi Royal Family. Although he swore that he never met Putin until he became your illegitimate president, facts prove that their first meeting was in 1987. The KGB invited Trump to Moscow. During that same time period, Vladimir Putin was a high-ranking member in the Russian spy agency. When Trump’s business was failing again in 2005, Trump took the “Miss Universe Pageant” to Moscow for the first time. Upon his return to New York, his real estate business began to flourish. One plus one always makes two.

Trump has failed to retain multiple businesses, and at least one was proven to be fraudulent; Trump University. Trump steaks, Trump wine, Trump magazine, and many others failed. He has also been forced to declare bankruptcy five-times.

Now we have statements from the daughters of a podiatrist who claim that their father helped Donny Boy receive a draft deferment by claiming that he had ‘bone spurs;’ he did not.

This is your illegitimate president; he will never be mine.

His party knows that Trump is a fraud, and therefore they must be retired on November 3, 2020.

The Truth Lives Here

Op-ed by this “Wise Old Fart,” James Turnage


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