On January 3, 2019 America will begin to Heal


The 115th congress will be remembered as one of, if not the worst congress in history. It accomplished nothing which was positive, bowed to Trump’s every demand, and was totally partisan. It offered irrefutable proof that Republicans are incapable of governing the United States.

The 116th congress will be sworn-in on January 3, 2019. Trump’s dominance of what happens in Washington will be curtailed as Democrats and Independents regain control of the House. America can begin what will be a long healing process.

But that’s not enough. Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Devin Nunes, Chuck Grassley, and many others have removed all common sense, intelligence, and integrity from the Capitol. We must begin now to encourage everyone to vote on November 3, 2020. It is imperative that Democrats and Independents regain the presidency and the senate. Trump and McConnell have proven themselves to be traitors to the American people.

All Republicans are hypocrites. For eight years of the Clinton administration and for two Terms served by President Obama, every right-wing politician complained about ‘government spending.’ Trump has been the most wasteful president in history and uses the national treasury as his personal bank.

Not only has Trump wasted tens-of-millions of dollars, Trump has increased the national debt by billions. All this in only 23 months and four days.

“Conservatives” are non-existent. Their complaints have been nothing more than a thinly veiled effort to funnel more cash into the pockets of the one-percent.

The Truth Lives Here

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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