Trump’s Strategies: Misdirection and Chaos: Incompetence Dominates Trump’s Failed Administration

Wall (2)

Trump has been called a “political genius” by those who are dependent upon his illegitimate presidency for their future. He has been labeled as “different,” “innovative,” and “unpredictable” by the failed television media which continues to hide the truth and give him a “free pass.” Trump has admitted that he is a sexual predator who believes that women are toys to be used for his depraved sexual pleasure. Millions of Americans who have chosen to be members of his ‘cult’ are not concerned about his past or facts related to his depraved persona. They support him regardless of the reality that he has no morals, no principles, and no mental competency. They love him because he is a white supremacist and a man who would repeal the Constitution.

All of these facts are reason to remove the orange man from the White House and ignore the importance of the reasons for the resignation of Secretary of Defense, Jim “Mad Dog” Mattis.

Leon Panetta is 80 years of age. He served in Congress for sixteen years to heading the Office of Management and acting as the White House chief of staff during the Clinton Administration, and served as the director of the C.I.A. and Secretary of Defense under Barack Obama. His evaluation of why Trump’s failure to accept the advice of Secretary Mattis was a huge mistake and the primary reason why Trump should be evicted from the White House is simple and critical to the fact that Trump is unfit to be the president.

“He enjoys chaos because he thinks chaos produces attention for him.”

Trump is not interested in the presidency or the future of our nation. Everything is about him and nothing else matters. His egocentric behavior is a danger to our nation’s future and the future of the world.

The decision by General Mattis to leave his post was finalized by Trump’s rash and unilateral decision to remove all American troops from Syria. Trump claimed that “ISIS was defeated and our military was no longer needed in the region.” The truth is that more than 30,000 ISIS fighters remain in Syria and Northern Iraq.

Trump’s only current interest in building his ridiculous idea of a wall on our southern border is based on insanity. This antiquated proposal is doomed to be the biggest mistake in history. This is an idea first proposed in the 16th century. Technology today easily proves that walls and moats are ideas suggested by morons and individuals who possess little or no intelligence. Video surveillance, drones, and infrared satellite imaging are far more effective and less expensive that a wall which is the idea of a racist.

The fact which proves that this is the most idiotic idea in history is that at least 50 percent of all illegal residents in the United States arrive on commercial airlines. Thousands of men, women, and children who come to America with “tourist visas” arrive in our nation and simply decide not to leave. Their unofficial label is “overstays.”

It’s time to get serious about our immigration problem and find a solution which is intelligent and offers some modicum of common sense. Trump is a moron.

The Truth Lives Here

Op-ed by this “Wise Old Fart,” James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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