Trump Doesn’t Give a Damn about 320 Million Americans, but He Does Care about what FOX and Ann Coulter Think of Him

Wall (2)

69 percent of all Americans do not believe that Trump’s ‘wall’ is a good idea. Trump doesn’t care. His goal is to please 30 percent of fake-Americans who continue to choose ignorance and support him. He is also concerned about how the right-wing propaganda machine, FOX Noise rates his “performance.” Two days ago, right-wing extremist and FOX contributor, Ann Coulter, criticized Trump for softening his position on his unnecessary and ineffective wall. Trump read her attack, and abruptly shutdown the government because funding for the 16th century idea was not included in the 2019 budget. Here were Coulter’s statements in an interview and a tweet before and after Trump reneged on his position.

If Trump didn’t get the wall built, Coulter declared in an interview with the Daily Caller: “They’re about to have a country where no Republican will ever be elected president again … It’ll just have been a joke presidency who scammed the American people, amused the populist for a while, but he’ll have no legacy whatsoever.” She later said that if he backed down on his demand for a wall she would not vote for him in 2020.

After: “BREAKING: Doctors announce world’s first successful spine transplant.”

Let’s share something the right-wing hates; facts about immigration.

First, a wall will not accomplish what is needed to control immigration across our southern border. Video monitoring would remain necessary. The cost is prohibitive, and the funding for maintaining the wall has not been discussed. There are hundreds of miles where a wall cannot be constructed.

Second, more than 50 percent of illegal immigrants now residing in America arrive via commercial flights from Asia, South America, Africa, and Europe. After arriving legally with ‘visitor’s visas’ they simply remain in the United States. They are referred to as “overstays.” A wall will not solve this problem.

Third, this is not 1560, in just eight days this will be 2019. Video surveillance, drones, infrared satellite detection and an increase in Border Patrol personnel would be far more effective and less costly on our southern border.

Fourth, a system must be created by Homeland Security to track men, women, and children arriving as visitors. The potential danger from these individuals is far greater than that of poor migrants from Hispanic nations. Remember, the 19 men who attacked our nation on September 11, 2001 came to our nation legally.

This is the truth, and it is irrefutable.

Immigration is just one of many issues which have been ignored by Republicans and their fuhrer for the last 23 months and three days. The opioid crisis has grown from 58,000 deaths in 2016 to 75,000 in 2017 under Trump’s watch. White, domestic terrorism is the greatest danger to average Americans and has been entirely ignored. Universal healthcare is a right and must be addressed by the 116th congress. The United States is 14th in education among developed nations. This fact guarantees the deterioration of American life in the future. Because America has 540 billionaires and 10.8 million millionaires, and only four-percent of the world’s population, the fact that more than 46 million Americans live in poverty is unacceptable and our nation’s greatest shame. Our nation’s infrastructure is crumbling, but Trump wants to build a wall. Donald John Trump will forever be known as our “idiot president.” Sexual assault and domestic violence continue to be a growing problem. Our judicial system must be overhauled and fair for all.

The Truth Lives Here

Op-ed by this “Wise Old Fart,” James Turnage


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