Trump Won’t Like it, but here are the Facts about Illegal Immigration no one Else is Talking About: Hint; a Wall is not the Answer


Wall (2)

There has been nothing discussed about immigration other than Trump’s foolish wall. The truth has never been told about how thousands of men, women, and children come to America every year by commercial air travel, obtaining a visitor’s visa, and simply never leave.

Although the largest numbers come from Asia, others arrive from South America, Africa, and even Europe. The estimate of those who come to America and simply decide not to leave is 40 percent of all men, women, and children who are illegally in the United States. Some believe that the number is actually 50 percent. Research shows that the scale continues to slide on the side of those who ‘overstay.’

How come we never hear about this when the subject of immigration arises? The answer is simple. Trump receives more attention than any other corrupt politician who has ever darkened the White House doorway, and his folly known as ‘the wall’ is all we ever hear about. No one is serious about solving the immigration problem, and it’s a big one. In addition, he has proven himself to be a white supremacist. His hatred of Hispanics is tantamount to Hitler’s hatred of Jews.

Honesty is rare in Washington. Now that we have an illegitimate president who lies every time his lips or thumbs move, facts are even more unusual.

Thirty years ago, Washington was a serious place. With the orange buffoon in the West Wing it is a chaotic circus conducted by a ringmaster who has no idea what the hell he’s doing and doesn’t care to learn.

The wall is a ridiculous idea. Banning tourism from foreign nations would be even more ludicrous. It will take women and men far wiser than me to solve this growing crisis. Sadly, they don’t exist in Washington today.

The Truth Lives Here

Op-ed by James Turnage


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