Merry F**king Christmas from your Bully-in-Chief

Trump King

Merry Christmas to all government employees. You will have extra time off, but no money to enjoy it. Trump says the ‘shutdown’ will last “a very long time.”

Your “Bully-in-Chief” is a disgrace to mankind. A bipartisan agreement was reached in congress to keep the government open until February 8, 2019, but Trump refused to sign it. He whined, stomped his feet, scrunched up his face, and pounded his fist on the Resolute Desk because nearly six-billion dollars was not included to build his useless and unnecessary wall. Trump does not serve the American people, he serves himself and his cult.

In the last 23 months it has been extremely rare that an agreement with both parties has been reached. Trump is denying the people’s rights. We elect legislators to represent us and when they finally perform the job for which they were elected, Trump gives a small middle finger to 320 million Americans.

It is highly likely that the 115th Congress will end with their staffs unemployed. They and their uncaring president will continue to receive their wages, but the men and women who actually work in Washington and across the nation will struggle to pay their bills.

Every day Trump gives me more reasons to be ashamed of him and our nation’s government.

Trump will be partying at Mar-a-Lago for 16 days. I wish he would do us a favor and never return to Washington. He should stay at his millionaires only resort and give a gift to all real Americans.

The Truth Lives Here

Op-ed by this “Wise Old Fart,” James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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