America is a Nation of Immigrants who are now being Criminalized under Trump and His Party of Hypocrites

Diversity Masks

Regardless of how many generations you are able to research in your genealogy, you will not learn that your family originated in the continental United States. All Americans are immigrants.

America is unique for only one reason, its diversity. Today the right-wing pretends that accepting today’s immigrants is dangerous and harmful to our economy. The truth is that all Republicans support white nationalism in honor of their illegitimate and degenerate president.

The facts prove that this is another attempt to misdirect the truth. The right-wing places profit before people, and their party ahead of their nation. Billions of dollars are wasted on the military. Billions of dollars in tax cuts for the one-percent and corporations have increased the national debt and prevent funding for social programs which could save our nation’s future. Immigrants seeking refuge from autocratic regimes are not a danger to the American people. White, domestic, right-wing terrorists are the greatest danger our nation faces in the 21st century.

In just 23 months our nation has regressed into the decades where growth was discouraged and racism, bigotry, and virtually every form of prejudice flourished. Trump’s silly red hats suggest that our nation should “make America white again.” Sorry Donny Boy, you must be truthful with the members of your cult; diversity is dominating America. Pure whites are becoming the minority. Old, white, racist men are losing their earthly bonds; and that’s a good thing. Our government has been damaged by these failures for 242 years. The fact that term limits for congress do not exist is a crime and the basis for the fact that our government is dysfunctional.

On November 6, 2018 a ‘pink wave’ poured over America. Real change is coming. Younger, more progressive Americans will lead our nation out of the darkness. Women have been suppressed for our nation’s entire history. They are now taking what belongs to them and every man who refuses to revel in their success will be left behind in Trump’s dark and repressive America.

Our government is beginning to be representative of its people. More women will be sworn in on January 3, 2019 than ever before. We will also have members of congress who are African American, Muslims, Native Americans, and members of the LGBTQ community. The United States is growing up.

We are immigrants; all of us. Our heritage has contributed to the America of our founding fathers. When we return to a nation dominated once again by understanding and compassion, we will have an opportunity to become great; and not before. Racism is synonymous with ignorance; ignorance is destructive.

The Truth Lives Here

Op-ed by this “Wise Old Fart,” James Turnage

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