FOX Noise Once Again Trying to ‘Blow Smoke up our A**es’

FOX (3)

For 22 years the right wing’s propaganda machine has been lying to protect thousands of crimes committed by the former Republican Party, now renamed the ‘Trump Party.’

One entire network is filled with men and women who are opportunists and traitors to the American people. They don’t actually hate their country, they simply don’t care about the United States of America.

Any man or woman who loves their country and watched Trump’s admission of treason in Helsinki yesterday is fully aware that Trump’s loyalty is to Putin, and not to the country he was illegitimately elected to lead. But FOX continues to protect Putin’s asset.

This is some of what fake-journalist Stephen Yates wrote for FOX Noise today.

After claiming that Trump’s methods were “unconventional,” he criticized the legitimate news and politicians who were standing up for America and not for their “Criminal-in-Chief.”

“The political and media earthquake of dire reactions coming after the summit was also off the charts. All that was missing was Chicken Little screaming hysterically that the sky is falling.”

So, approving the interruption and altering of our election is not a sufficient reason to call for impeachment of a man who has been a Russian agent since 1987!

Then Yates went on to completely distort the truth; something FOX does on an hourly basis.

“That said, the objective of the summit was absolutely conventional: to explore whether we have sufficient national interest and the leadership will to take a very unhealthy relationship with an important nation out of a well-worn rut and move it in a more constructive direction. Both Democratic and Republican presidents have engaged multiple competitors and even adversaries in summitry in pursuit of nothing more than this basic objective.”

First, if the purpose of the meeting was actually what was stated in his lie-filled article, why was it held in secrecy? Members of the State Department, Department of Defense, and the CIA should have been in attendance. All these agencies must be fully informed before talks about relationships can begin. In addition, no president in history; no real president; would have offered credibility to the head of any State which declared war by harming our most precious right; our vote. Only a man who has an unusually close relationship with this despot would honor and praise him in such a way. By the way; when Trump lied and claimed that he ‘never knew the man before he was in the White House;’ this is a huge lie. They have been in contact since 1987.

In general, Yates calls the entire story a “rush to judgement.”

“The blowback the president has received to his blunt words has at times created domestic and foreign policy problems. This has blinded politicians and experts in their assessment of election results, tax reform passage, getting NATO members to pay more for their own defense and other developments. This could well be the case with the rush to judgement on this summit.”

I won’t discuss the many lies in this paragraph, but I will tell the truth. This was not a summit; it was a love fest and an opportunity for Trump and Putin to plan their next attacks on our nation’s democracy. Trump is an ignorant old, useless man, and Putin continues to play him like the fool that he is.

Your can read the rest of his fallacious propaganda if you need to waste a little time. The source is attached

Please tell others about my blog; the truth lives here.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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