America Desperately needs a Liberal Network to Destroy Fake Fox Noise

FOX (2)

MSNBC is a passive critic of America’s destructive right wing and its propaganda machine, FOX noise. I respect Chris Hayes, Brian Williams, Rachel Maddow and others but they will never change the minds of ignorant Americans. They appeal to the informed and intelligent faction of the American people and will fail to inform Trump supporters and right-wing loyalists who choose to remain ignorant.

FOX Noise has lied to the American people for 22 years. This fake news network is nothing more than a right-wing propaganda machine. Real Americans need an aggressive and dedicated network to counteract the lies from FOX and every Republican politician. One of the primary reasons why our nation is divided and our government is dysfunctional is directly attributed to the constant lies which have influenced uninformed Americans for more than two decades.

I want to hear a legitimate journalist stand up in front of the cameras and destroy the false stories offered by FOX’ personalities. That person or those persons would be very busy. We deserve the truth. If facts are offered and ‘alternative facts’ exposed, our nation can be reunited.

Please tell others about my ‘blog of truth;’ thank you.

Op-ed by James Turnage

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