Ben Carson is a Disgrace not only to the Black Race, he is a Traitor to Humanity

Carson (2)

On a long list of Trump’s huge mistakes Ben Carson stands out. The token black man in Trump’s cabinet is guilty of graft and corruption. Without a single qualification, he was nominated as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and is an abject failure.

A recent incident proves that he is a failure and a disgrace. He is failing the black community and has proven that he has no compassion for the human race.

A fact I was not aware of concerns a town in Illinois with the name of ‘Cairo.’ Cairo was a destination for slaves fleeing the south prior to the Civil War. Today it remains segregated from the rest of the state with a population which is 70 percent African American.

No surprise here, the local housing authority is corrupt. When residents of a neglected and rat infested low-income housing project known as McBride and Elmwood appealed to HUD, an investigation was ordered.

Management took a different stance. They posted signs which simply said, “get out.”

HUD condemned the two buildings and promised housing in a better facility. However, the availability was limited and most of the families from McBride and Elmwood were told by HUD to leave Cairo.

Carson had distributed vouchers for temporary housing rather than making actual arrangements for the families. Corruption in the housing authority remains extensive, but Carson remains supportive of the organization.

The color of Carson’s skin may be darker than mine, but I am more of a “black man” than he is. He has never displayed compassion for minorities while taking advantage of what was given to him thanks to the efforts of the civil rights movement. I care about all men; Carson, like Trump, cares about personal wealth and power.

Carson’s sole purpose as the Secretary of HUD is to care for the needs of low-income and impoverished Americans. Like Scott Pruitt, he is the enemy of those he was intended to serve. Carson is a bonified member of Trump’s circle of sinners. Carson is another traitor to the American people.

Please tell others about my “blog of truth.” Thank you.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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