My Philosophy of Life is “Always Try to Do the Right Thing”


As human beings, we are not perfect. As we grow from infancy to adulthood our mistakes; our failings, are lessons. If we learn from these lessons, we improve and become more spiritual; more evolved.

Perfection is impossible and that’s a very good thing. Our flaws separate us from each other and result in what is termed ‘humanity.’ Any man or woman who claims to be ‘perfect;’ an individual who has never made a mistake; is not only a liar, he or she is likely a tremendous failure.

My blog is concerned with the truth. I began writing about the failures of our government after finishing my first novel. I witnessed the failures of two political parties and the mainstream media and decided that the American people deserved to be informed of the truth.

The greatest problem in America is the failure of our government to offer all the facts; the complete truth to all of the American people. I hear them say that ‘these are matters of national security and other bulls**t, when the reality is that 320 million Americans are the country and have a right to know everything which happens in our government.

My novels offer the truth; the facts. I am a patriot and denounce any government which denies equality for every man, woman, and child. My latest novel will be released within the next couple of days on Amazon’s Kindle. This is my sixth effort and a new subject matter for me. What is consistent is the fact that the main character is attempting to ‘do the right thing.’

Justice and equality have dominated my 72 years on this planet. I admit that under our present government I struggle to remain loyal to my country. I have never experienced anything close to the horrific actions our illegitimate government is taking today which is causing enormous harm now and for the future.

“DOWN FROM THE MOUNTAIN” is about a man in his mid-sixties who is seeking fulfillment. He believes in justice. This story begins with his efforts to ‘right a wrong,’ and becomes a dangerous excursion into the dark world of a drug czar.

Although it is fantasy; a creation of my own strange and somewhat convoluted mind, it is fun and a quick read.

My novels involve the human condition and the story is often secondary to the exploration of the characters who are involved.

I have often claimed that characters write my novels. This is not whimsy; it is fact. With every one of my six novels the story I began is dissimilar to the story’s end. I thank the detectives, a runaway young woman, an ambitious young politician, and a grieving 64-year-old man for giving me stories to tell.

James Turnage

My novels are available on Amazon; CLICK HERE

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