If John Kelly Leaves Will James Mattis Follow?

Kelly (3)

Get ready for more defections from the White House. Not a single true American wants to work in the White House; and why would they? You must be willing to constantly lie in support of your boss. You are required to kiss his humungous derriere daily. Most importantly you must leave your morals and principles outside the door, as you sell your very soul to the devil.

The word out of the White House today is that Chief of Staff John Kelly is ready to leave his post. He has served no purpose for several months; Trump has not included him in any decisions or in the establishment of policy. He told his ignorant supporters years ago that ‘he knows more than the generals; in fact, he knows more about everything than anyone.’

The word is that Kelly will be replaced by ‘budget director,’ Mick Mulvaney. He loves the taste of Trump’s derriere, and supports all of his boss’s proposals as long as those who receive the benefits have a minimum of an eight figure income.

The question I have is about Secretary of Defense, James Mattis, who has been ‘out of the loop’ regarding national defense for months. He was not consulted about Trump’s failed trip to Singapore, and he has not been included in discussions about Iran or Russia. Will he be close behind Kelly, or will he exit before Kelly can pack up his personal belongings?

If they both depart, and soon, this will increase the percentage of turnover in the West Wing to about 50 percent. Unheard of. It’s not only a fact that all real Americans detest Donny Boy; many of those who serve him hate Trump equally.

Finally; why are Republicans in name only in congress continuing to serve their fuhrer. The answer is simple; they are afraid of alienating Trump’s small base. These cowards refuse to do what they were elected for; the right thing just to win an election. This is treason; they are violating their oath of office to ‘preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution.

ALL Republicans are wrong for the American people. Time to show them the door as well.

Please tell others about my blog; the truth will not be told to us by politicians or the mainstream media.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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