Another Mass Shooting Under Trump’s Watch while he Continues to Conduct his ‘Hate Rallies’

Assault Rifle

On October 1, 2017, a lone gunman armed with 14 military assault rifles and bump stocks to make them fully automatic slaughtered 58 people in Las Vegas. The next month another lone gunman, armed with a military assault rifle murdered 26 men, women, and children in a small-town Texas church. On Valentine’s Day, this year a lone gunman with a military assault rifle in hand murdered 17 of his classmates and teachers.

Today, in Baltimore, Maryland, a lone gunman, armed with what we do not know, killed at least four persons and wounded several more in the Capital Gazette building where a branch of the Baltimore Sun is published. He is in custody.

These and other less sensational shootings have occurred und Trump’s watch, while he continues to ignore white terrorism in America. He holds hate rallies in states which supported him blaming Muslims for every disaster in America. This is too big a lie to allow to go unpunished. Trump has been our national nightmare for 17 months and eight days, although for real Americans it seems like 17 years.

Trump may remain in office for all four years, but we can change the lackadaisical attitude in Washington by removing ALL Republicans from office. They do not represent you or me; they bow to their fuhrer. Time for them to go.

Please tell others about my blog; we deserve the truth; the full truth.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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