Is Trump Putting the Final Nails in the Coffin of a Dying Republican Party?

Trump Illness

The Republican Party has been imploding for years. Here, in 2018, the GOP exists ‘in name only.’ The problem is that although the party’s ‘base’ has proven that it will support any candidate who has an “R” next to his or her name, more than 60 percent of American voters claim to be ‘Indepents.’ By continuing to serve Donald Trump, right wing politicians are proving that they are unable to govern the majority of the American people effectively; or maybe they simply don’t want to.

In recent weeks Trump has made decisions which may end the very existence of the once Grand Old Party.

They warned him about tariffs; he refused to listen. Trump refused to prepare for his meeting with Kim Jong-un, and literally gave away many of America’s and South Korea’s advantages in the region. His “tax reform” has been exposed. Only large corporations and the wealthy will benefit from this destructive legislation. In addition, a minimum of $1.8 trillion will be added to the deficit. His position on immigration has resulted in the alienation of all minorities. Just yesterday Trump refused to endorse an immigration compromise composed entirely by Republican politicians. Democrats have allowed themselves to be eliminated from the governing process. But Trump is falsely blaming those on the left. When Trump said that he ‘doesn’t like separating parents and children, although it is his policy, one reporter said ‘you can change it.’ Trump lied and said “we need their [Democrats] votes.” Is he unaware that his party controls congress?

Trump originally promised to support the Republican plan; he has reneged. Right wing politicians are perplexed. Pleasing Trump is both mistake, and an enormous challenge; he changes his mind with every passing day. This is what happens when the legislative branch of our government surrenders to the executive branch; our government is completely dysfunctional.

Now here’s the truth; this plan was constructed after a heated debate between moderates and extremists. These same extremists who call themselves ‘conservatives,’ have said nothing about Trump’s outrageous spending. His administration has proven itself to be the most expensive in our nation’s history, and they have only been in power for 16 months and 27 days.

We can change everything in November. Please vote, and remove all Republicans from office; they are the enemy.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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