Trump’s Attempt to Create Fascism is Complete; Supreme Court is Owned by Right Wing Extemists

Trump Putin Collusion

The future of our nation is in extreme danger. If you ignore this truth or choose to deny the facts, you will soon learn your mistake. In the very near future you will become one of Donald Trump’s slaves; all of your freedoms will be extinct, and democracy will become nothing more than a memory.

When our founding fathers created the United States of America they were wise beyond what they could have imagined. There were certain weaknesses in their original beliefs; there was no possible way that they could have foreseen the changes in the next 200 years, but the basics of their beliefs and ideals were admirable and offered hope to the masses.

Their most important goal was to prevent a monarchy in America. King George III of England was the primary reason why these men left the European continent with the intent to form a new nation. Much of their departure was the result of religious persecution. To prevent an autocracy, they created three separate by equal branches of our government. The executive branch would consist of an elected public servant, the president, and his advisers. The legislative branch included the House and the Senate. The most powerful of these two was the House, and this was intentional. The House continues to have the power to override the executive branch preventing any form of autocratic rule. Republicans continue to bow to their fuhrer.

This brings us to the judicial branch; the Supreme Court. The Court was designed as a non-political entity. It has undergone multiple changes including the number of justices throughout our nation’s history, and the most unforgivable and egregious is its politicization. Presidents nominate justices based on their political beliefs. The party in power is able to decide whether or not that individual is confirmed.

Today the Supreme Court made a decision which is tantamount to ‘rigging elections’ for Republicans.

In 1993 Congress passed the ‘National Voter Registration Act.’ This allowed qualified Americans to register at their local Department of Motor Vehicles and other public agencies. A case filed by Ohio Republicans to purge voters from their list of registered voters based on their participation in recent elections was upheld by the SCOTUS. This is in direct opposition to the 1993 law which was intended to increase the number of voters allowed to cast their ballots in both the general and midterm elections.

Trump’s efforts to establish a fascist government and destroy democracy is complete. Today’s 5-4 vote is a clear indication that the right wing has become the extremist right wing and is fully cooperating with Trump’s admiration of the tactics of Adolf Hitler and Vladimir Putin.

The November 6th election may be our nation’s last. If we fail to remove all Republicans from office, the dream of our founding fathers will cease to exist. History proves that a larger voter turnout guarantees a win for Democrats.

If you have any false belief that I am being melodramatic, you are a fool; the facts are there.

Trump colluded with Putin during the 2016 election and he continues to offer homage to his puppeteer. The American dream is nearing an end. Trump is not only our illegitimate president, he is the first man to live in the White House who is not an American. He is a Russian agent, and has been since 2013. Trump is a traitor.

I beg you to pass this on to everyone you know. This is about the future of our country and the future of our children and grandchildren. Trump is the greatest mistake ever made by the American people.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of rocksunderwater

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