Singapore; Another Trump ‘Special;’ All Show and No Go

Kim Jong-un

Yes, Trump met with Kim Jong-un in Singapore. Yes, there were lots of photo ops and ‘pomp and circumstance.’ Yes, Trump can claim that he did another thing that no other American president has ever done; another failure. Yes, what most of us expected happened; Trump surrendered to the North Korean dictator.

Simply by meeting with Kim Jong-un Trump gave credibility to this despot who has murdered thousands of his own people and members of his family. He also promised that there would be no more joint military exercises between the United States and South Korea. We received nothing in return. This farce is another ‘all show and no go’ by your illegitimate president.

So what was this mislabeled ‘summit’ all about? This was a desperate effort by Donny Boy to save the midterm election. Trump is the most hated man in America and the world. Any candidate who adamantly supports Trump is in danger of losing his or her seat in congress. Trump agreed to this meeting for one reason; to make him appear ‘presidential.’

I’m sure that Trump’s supporters and other uninformed Americans will view this farce as a success, but they will be unable to offer one fact that this was a significant event for the future of our nation and the world.

Trump is the worst thing to ever happen to the United States of America; period.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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