Harley Davidson Missouri; Another Trump Lie about his Tax Reform Bill

Republican Taxes

Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, and Donald Trump all attempted to institute ‘trickle down economics’ into our nation’s fiscal policy. Every Republican has failed dramatically as large corporations place their bloated profits in offshore accounts, layoff employees, and cause harm to our nation’s economy.

Trump’s “tax reform” is a gift to himself, 559 other billionaires, 10.8 million millionaires, and will harm the working class, low-income Americans, and the poor, while adding at least $1.8 trillion to the deficit. He claimed that the enormous change in the corporate tax rate would ‘bring jobs back from foreign nations.’ Another Republican proves that he is a failure as a leader and cannot govern the United States of America.

Trump bragged about Harley Davidson, the manufacturer of motorcycles. Their situation is a classic example of failed Republican policies.

Although Harley Davidson received multiple tax incentives, it is closing its plant in Kansas City, Missouri. 800 employees will lose their jobs. Meanwhile, the company is completing the construction of a new plant in Taiwan. The company reports that their profit margin is down by eight percent under Trump’s illegitimate presidency.

Trump and the mainstream media are complicit in hiding these types of stories from the American people. Trump is a failure in many ways and constantly proves that he is unfit to be our nation’s president.

Trump is not an American president. He is using his position for personal gain, while spending millions of taxpayer dollars each month to continue a life of luxury.

Please vote in November and remove all Republicans in name only from office.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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