Trump Takes “Pay for Play” to a New Level with China

Angry Trump

Congress brought sanctions against Chinese telecom company ZTE. They have been accused of attempts to spy on our nation. American companies were ordered to cease selling parts for ZTE’s phones. During the hearings, multiple ways in which they could use their devices to spy on our nation were revealed.

Trump began his heavy and consistent attacks on China in 2015. Why then did he make statements this week in support of ZTE? He said that he is working with President Xi to find a way to get ZTE back into business, fast.”

Trump is not my president, and he should not be yours. He is not representing all Americans; he is using his illegitimate presidency to increase his foreign business ventures. His 180 degree pivot on China has reasons which are personal. First of all, his clothing business is manufactured in China. Ivanka’s clothing line is manufactured in China. But there is another reason. As always, it’s all about the money.

Three days before Trump made his announcement, President Xi gave Indonesia $500,000,000. This will allow Trump to continue a business venture which will result in millions of dollars for the orange man.

If President Obama or President Clinton had been guilty of this crime, Republicans would be screaming for impeachment. This is an open and arrogant violation of the ’emoluments’ clause in the rules governing presidential ethics.

As the last Republican president, who faced impeachment, said to the press; “the American people have a right to know if their president is a crook.” The answer about both men is “yes Nixon was, and Trump is.”

For seventeen months Trump called for an investigation and the arrest of Bill and Hillary Clinton for alleged misuse of their positions to receive donations for their foundation. He called it “pay for play.” This action by Trump is the ultimate ‘pay for play’ for personal gain. The chant at any public event should be “lock him up.”

Finally, and most importantly, this proves that “conservatives” in the Republican Party are fakes and liars. Their complaints about government spending and using public office to increase personal wealth only apply to Democrats. Trump has been allowed to waste tens-of-millions of taxpayer dollars in just 15 months and 26 days. His ‘tax reform’ bill is a facade and will increase the national debt by at least $1.8 trillion.

If you believe anything a Republican says, you have been conned. They are laughing at you; fully aware that you are a gullible voter who chooses to be ignorant.

Refuse to vote for hypocrites and liars in November; all Republicans must be removed from office.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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