Is Ivanka Trump the most Complicit and Corrupt Member of Trump’s Administration?

Ivanka (2)

Let’s examine the facade which is Ivanka Trump. The media has been complicit in her efforts to create an image of an intelligent and accomplished young woman. But the truth is that she is her father’s daughter, and the only child Trump appears to claim as his own.

Let’s begin with some logic. Ivanka was 11 years old when Donald and Invana trump divorced. She was privy to the ugly battle between her mother and her father. Although Ivana later reneged on her claim that Trump physically assaulted her and then raped her, there is little doubt that it is fact. The specifics were graphic and knowing Trump’s weak temperament undoubtedly true. There is little doubt that Ivanka was aware of her father’s assault on her mother.

Ivanka may be the only person in the world who knows the complete truth about her father. She can pretend to be innocent and outwardly displays dignity and grace. She is consummate proof that “you can’t believe everything you see.” She has been aware of, and therefore complicit, in Trump’s many crimes, including bribing elected officials to obtain an advantage in real estate ‘deals,’ and his life as a sexual predator. She has full knowledge of Trump’s close relationship with Vladimir Putin. She is the ‘woman behind the man;’ Melania is merely a trophy wife; Ivanka is his ‘work wife,’ and the primary reason why she has an office in the West Wing.

The entire Trump family is an illusion. Their life is based on money. There is no record of any member of the Trump Klan donating one dollar to a charity; they take, they do not give. Today they are spending taxpayer dollars to maintain their lives of luxury and privilege at the cost of $16,333,333.33 per month. This was confirmed by Snopes.

There is a suggestion that Robert Mueller will subpoena Ivanka; I hope he does. If she lies under oath, she could be imprisoned. An orange jumpsuit would not flatter this woman who is all about expensive clothes, hair, and makeup.

Op-ed by James Turnage

Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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