Republican Strategy for 2018 Election; Attack Hillary Clinton


You won’t believe this unless you read as much of the bulls**t coming from the Republicans Party as I do. This group of ‘Republicans in name only’ cannot defend Trump, or their support of the worst president in history, so they’re returning  to their old standby; falsely attack their opponents.

They cannot use their vile tactics against Democratic and Independent candidates; many of them will be ‘first timers.’ So what are they going to do? The preposterous answer is to direct their attacks against Hillary Clinton for the millionth time.

On the right wing propaganda machine, FOX Noise, this old and worn out strategy was revealed.

“Clinton is starring in the Republican Party’s 2018 midterm strategy. With no Democrat to attack in the White House for the first time in nearly a decade, Republicans are betting big that the ghost of Clinton will serve them well in 2018.

“Even if she avoids the spotlight moving forward, the Republican Party plans to evoke her early and often in key congressional races, particularly in regions Trump won, which feature most of the midterm season’s competitive races.”

Here’s the problem. First of all let’s be honest; Republicans have no new ideas either for campaigns or for governing. Trumpland is shrinking. His base is beginning to feel the repercussions of his destructive policies, his acts of treason, and are leaning further to the left.

Republicans are experiencing the damage to their party as a result of ‘Trumpenstein;’ they are desperate to hold onto their control of our nation’s government. Trump is too ignorant to understand that he is one of the many reasons why the GOP is imploding.

Make no mistake about it; he is not the only, or even the primary reason why the Republican Party no longer exists in its former fundamental configuration. At the core of its destruction is the introduction of extremists into the party. They have assisted in the end of bipartisanship by refusing to deliberate or compromise with not only Democrats, but also with members of their own party. The ignorance displayed by such failures as Ted Cruz, Steve King, John Cornyn, Devin Nunes, and hypocrites including Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, are growing in numbers and are failing the majority of the American people in support of criminals, traitors and fascists, including your illegitimate president.

Political parties are unnecessary and destructive to a democracy. However, when they do exist, disagreements are necessary, but refusal to communicate with members of their own party is detrimental to that party’s future.

The fact is that for a democratic republic to exist, a minimum of two parties, with opposite opinions and viewpoints, is necessary. Deliberation, or diplomacy, whichever you choose to label the process, is the only manner in which effective legislation and successful policy exists. This is why our government is dysfunctional today.

During President Obama’s administration, Republicans simply said ‘no’ to every effort from the president and his party. With Trump as their illegitimate president, Democrats have been excluded from the legislative process. This does not work for America.

Republicans will lose many seats in November. Whether or not they lose a sufficient number to return control of our government to Democrats and Independents remains to be seen. Although the House appears to be the most vulnerable, a loss of only two seats in the Senate will result in Democratic control.

Here in Nevada, Dean Heller is in great danger of losing his bid for reelection. He has proven to be a Trump lackey, and has failed the people of the state of Nevada. In 2016 Nevada turned blue. Hillary Clinton received our electoral votes. We elected a Democrat to the Senate who is the first female Hispanic to hold a seat in that august body in history. Other issues, opposed by Republicans, including background checks for all gun purchases, and the legalization of recreational marijuana were approved by the majority. Heller should lose; he has failed the people of his state.

Only eight Republican senators are up for reelection in November. Heller’s possible loss may place the senate in a 50-50 situation, with homophobe Mike Pence becoming the deciding vote.

The two best opportunities for Democrats to win just one more seat are in Arizona, and Texas. Jeff Flake is not seeking reelection in Arizona, and Cruz has failed the people of Texas for six years while desperately attempting to win his party’s nomination for the presidency. Although constantly under attack from Trump during the 2016 campaign, he capitulated to his fuhrer after Trump won the GOP nomination. He cannot be trusted, but continues to believe that voters are ignorant.

Will the people of Texas prove him wrong in November?

This election is the most important in our nation’s history. We will become a fascist state if Republicans continue to dominate our failed government and Trump retains his power.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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