Washington Continues to Exist in a “S**tstorm;” at the Center is your Illegitimate President

Capitol (3)

The West Wing continues to exist in turmoil and flux. The Capitol is dysfunctional as deliberation and compromise no longer exist. Our system of a ‘democratic republic’ cannot exist with a single party rule. Bipartisanship is the only way effective legislation is created and serves all of the people. Under Trump, this no longer exists.

‘Dissention’ is the best word to describe Washington. It exists in a virtual “s**tstorm.” The reason for this is Donald J. Trump. He has created an atmosphere of uncertainty; primarily because he does not have a plan for our nation, or a confirmed agenda. His only purpose is to increase his personal wealth and occasionally keep a campaign prromise; or at least attempt to and fail. Trump spends more time watching FOX Noise or golfing than he does performing the duties for which he was elected.

Today Trump played golf for the 149th time since his election; that’s more than 33 percent of his total time in office. He watches cable television far more frequently than he plays rounds of golf. So, when does he work? The truth is that he does not know what that four letter word means.

Trump is incapable and unwilling to be our nation’s president. Time for him to retire to his golden tower where the only harm he can do is to his wife and his children; and to any woman who finds herself alone with the dirty old man.

Op-ed by James Turnage

Photo courtesy of Ken Lund

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