Republican’s Single Accomplishment; Tax Fraud

Republicans in name only

Trump and his Republican puppets constantly brag about their “accomplishments.” The truth is that everything they claim to be their own was actually a success of President Obama’s administration. The one ‘accomplishment’ they can claim in 14 months and 26 days is a ‘tax reform bill’ which is in reality ‘tax fraud.’

As with everything else in Trump’s administration, a bill which Republicans labeled ‘tax reform’ was rushed through congress. Not a single Senator had sufficient time to read the final draft before a vote was taken. There were multiple changes handwritten in the margins, once again proving that Republicans are incapable of governing.

Now that they have read the bill, all Democrats and some Republicans are upset about its contents. The tax cuts for the middle class will expire in just over 19 months. Tax cuts for the wealthy and large corporations are permanent. The bill is a gift to Trump and 539 other billionaires. Over the next 10 years this tax fraud will add at least $1.9 trillion to the deficit. Are there any angry “conservatives” in congress?

Intelligent legislators would have formed a large committee of bipartisan Representatives and Senators who would have taken the time to actually reform a complicated tax code; but not this group. Democrats were not included in the creation of the bill, and it was rushed through congress in weeks when it required months to be considered fair and successful. Like everything else Trump and his circle of sinners has done, this will fail miserably.

All members of the House and Senate are millionaires. After the bill went into effect, Lyin Paul Ryan extolled its virtues using the example of a secretary was was taking home $1.50 more each week. Really; I can’t make this s**t up.

Time for real change. If our government is to represent the people of our nation it must become younger and involve dozens more women. Today the average age in the Capitol is approximately 60 years of age, only 19.4 percent of congress is composed of women, although they are the majority in America, and most of our elected officials are white. The average age of all Americans is 37.8 years of age, and we are a far more diverse nation than our failed government represents.

You can change the face of our government on one day. On November 6th we can build a new and improved United States government; vote.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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