Tax Reform: A Very big Reason why Republicans Are Losing Elections


Only a small percentage of American workers are experiencing an increase in the paychecks. Contrary to what Republicans promised, this tax reform bill remains a gift to the wealthy, and in just over 19 months the middle class will begin paying for the permanent cuts given to large corporations and the most prosperous Americans; including your illegitimate president.

This is one of the primary reasons why Republicans are losing elections in areas which supported Trump solidly in 2016.

A CNBC poll this week stated that just 32 percent of working adults reported having more take-home pay due to the new law.”

I have been writing about the sham which is the Republican Party in name only for years; long before our nation’s ignorant voters elected the worst president in American history. It is immaterial that he was aided by Vladimir Putin’s agents, and Robert Mercer’s company, Cambridge Analytics. All GOP politicians are incompetent. With Trump as their president, the Republican Party should be able to successfully govern. But in just 14 months and 12 days they have proven that although they have acted in a purely partisan manner, they have been unable to govern effectively. Their failures are based on poor leadership. For over 30 years Mitch McConnell has failed the people of Kentucky and the people of America. Paul Ryan had us all fooled until he began cowering to Trump’s every demand; proving that he is our nation’s biggest hypocrite.

As for Trump, we now know that he failed at everything he attempted in his life. Only when he began laundering money for Russian oligarchs through American real estate did he began to establish success late in 2005. His lack of morality should concern every American, not only those of us who despise him.

Not a single Republican politician works for the majority of the American people. Special interests have owned the GOP for decades. Sadly, aided by the right wing propaganda machine, FOX Noise, millions of voters believe the constant lies from the right side of the aisle.

What does the label ‘American’ mean to you. If it means fear, hatred, bigotry, and the acceptance of poverty, you are reading the dark side of the history of the world and our own nation. If you believe in every word of the Constitution, and refuse to accept racism, reject misogyny, and believe that ours should be a society without a class struggle between the wealthy and the working class, you belong to the majority and can be called a ‘patriot.’

Republicans seek control of our nation; believing that elections are their only priority, they would establish autocratic rule. They are aware that if they tell the truth about where they stand on the issues important to most Americans, they would never win another election.

Let’s send them all home in November; they have no interest in serving the majority of our nation’s people and do not deserve their lives of privilege and luxury.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey,

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