The “Gray House;” How this Administration Rejects Ethics and Morality


Our current illegitimate president and his circle of sinners have no problem ignoring ethics and embracing immoral behavior. For this administration, accomplishing its goals at any cost is reality, and its only priority.

Recently Trump’s paid liar, Kellyanne Conway, and his ‘criminal-in-law,’ Jared Kushner, have been charged with violating the ‘Hatch Act.’ This ethics law forbids government officials from using their positions to advance partisan politics. Conway is charged with supporting Roy Moore in Alabama, and Kushner has been accused of multiple instances where he advanced his father-in-law’s next campaign.

Is any of this important? The truth is that no one with an average intellect believes anything either of these nitwits says any longer. They have lost any respect even the most devout Trump supporter had for them one year ago. They are the sad clowns in the Trump administration.

What is important is the fact that this entire administration has lost all credibility in just 13 months and 23 days. The American people are fully aware that they cannot trust their government. Trump’s stooges believe that they are above the law and can do anything they please without repercussions.

The real question is ‘how long will congress allow the most corrupt administration in history to continue violating ethics laws and the Constitution?’ If Republicans continue to unconditionally support Trump’s immoral and illegal actions, what can we do? I’m glad you asked. We can vote.

We can end Trump’s evil agenda by removing his power. The legislative branch of our government is the most powerful. Republicans are hypocrites and have surrendered their power to the executive branch. If we, the people, vote against any individual who has an “R” next to his or her name Trump will be nothing more than the angry bully in the West Wing. He will be unable to destroy our democracy. His defeat will be inevitable.

November 6, 2018 is a great day for a revolution.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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