How Republicans Are Escalating their War on the Working Class


More than 25 years ago two serious and destructive changes began in our nation. The Republican Party began to implode. Today it is ‘Republican’ in name only. The principles and ideals once at the core of the Grand Old Party have disappeared. The people have been forgotten, and only special interests and personal ambitions are contained in the party’s platform.

As their party imploded, they began a war on the working class. Republican governors began plans to destroy unions, reduce medical and retirement benefits, and end protections for employees in the workplace. On the federal level Paul Ryan and his despicable followers dreamed of eliminating social programs, including Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security. With a fascist leader in the Oval Office, Ryan’s dream is coming to fruition.

Trump’s fiscal proposals are reducing Medicaid benefits for low-income Americans. Medicare is under attack. Most importantly, the plan designed to protect older Americans, Social Security, is quietly facing reductions in its ability to serve the men and women who helped our nation move forward into the 21st century.

Trump and his circle of sinners have instituted a program which reduces staffing and the number of hours Social Security employees are allowed to work. This has already resulted in long waits to solve problems and disputes. This is the Republican’s tactic; to eventually destroy a program which has existed effectively for 83 years.

These facts about Social Security demand answers from our corrupt government. The program was designed to be self-sustaining. Government funding would not be needed.

Employers and employees contribute to Social Security. This was a program designed to eliminate contributions or control by government. However, for years our politicians have stolen money from Social Security and harmed its original intent by adding other programs to the original law.

Here are facts you will never hear about from the media or from your elected officials. No recipient has ever received an amount equal to the contributions received from his or herself and their employers in their lifetime. So, where is the money? There should be a surplus, although Republicans claim that Social Security will be ‘broke’ in just a few years.

Finally, the United States is the only developed nation which spends more money on its military than on its people. It is also the only nation which refuses to employ a fair taxation system where the wealthy and large corporations contribute to the nation which has allowed them to become billionaires. Our nation has 535 billionaires and 10.7 million millionaires. No other nation nears those numbers, with the exception of China which has 568 billionaires. China has 20 percent of the world’s population; the United States has 4.4 percent.

It is very clear that Trump’s embarrassing red baseball caps were a lie. Our nation has never been ‘great,’ and never will be until all of our nation’s people are treated equally, and with compassion. As long as racism and poverty exist in America, our government should be ashamed of itself.

Trump has proven in just 13 months that the true meaning behind his slogan was to “Make America white again.”

Op-ed by James Turnage


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