Can you Say ‘Conflict of Interests,’ and ‘More Ethics Violations?’

Trump's and Spawn

Trump has succeeded in one thing; he has created the most corrupt administration in history, and established the ‘Washington mafia.’ Trump has frequently used his position to advance his business interests both foreign and domestic.

The ‘Don’s’ eldest son is in India to attend the opening of a new Trump Tower. He will also be the keynote speaker at a banquet held by Prime Minister Modi. There are many concerns that Donny Junior will mix a discussion of foreign relations with the Tower’s opening. He’s not the ‘sharpest tool in the shed.’

Indian people are ready for such ventures, and they have already been spending huge amounts for luxurious suites,” said Gaurav Kapoor, an entrepreneur in Varanasi in northern India. “If the builders are offering dinner and drinks with Trump Jr., there is high possibility that buyers may think that buying a suite in Trump Tower will put them close to the first family of the U.S.”

America does not have a president, we have an opportunist whose only goals are to destroy democracy, and to use taxpayer money to become even more wealthy.

How long will Republicans allow Trump to violate every ethics law ever written? We must take our government back. I know some of you are tired of me saying the same old thing, but it’s true. Republicans have attempted to rule over us for 25 years; not serve us. It’s time for the people to once again become the masters, and politicians the servants.

Trump and his circle of sinners must be removed from Washington; permanently. The Trump klan is America’s number one crime family. Money makes them appear to be legitimate but it is all a facade. They are white trash and undoubtedly leaders of several white supremacist groups.

Our nation’s people are at war with the Republican Party. Victory can be ours. We can remove them from office in November and congress will control Trump instead of the other way around.


Op-ed by James Turnage


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