How We Know That Chief of Staff John Kelly Will soon be Departing the White House

Conway (2)

Just over halfway through the 2016 campaign, billionaire Robert Mercer joined Trump’s campaign. In addition to his money, he brought white supremacist Steve Bannon, and spin doctor Kellyanne Conway with him. Bannon was given the title of CEO, and Conway ‘Campaign Manager.’ Their actual purposes were as a strategist, and a paid liar. They performed their jobs well. Bannon used fear and hatred to solidify Trump’s supporters, and Conway used a failing fourth estate to promote Trump’s lies.

Conway quickly became the most hated woman in America. She continues to have a single purpose, to protect the most vile and immoral man in the world. When Mormon wife abuser Rob Porter was exposed and forced to resign from the White House, Trump defended him, accusing the woman as he did when Roy Moore was running for the senate.

There has been a great deal of conversation in Washington that Trump is very angry with Chief of Staff, John Kelly, who kept the knowledge of Porter’s transgressions to himself. Conway had this to say about the rumors.

“I spoke with the president last night about this very issue and he wanted me to re-emphasize to everyone, including this morning, that he has full confidence in his current chief of staff, Gen. John Kelly, and that he is not actively searching for replacements,” Conway said on “This Week.”

This is proof of only one thing; Kelly is definitely on his way out. We must always remember that when any Republican’s lips are moving, they are lying, and Conway is the ‘leader of the band.’

Although Kelly is entirely aligned with Trump’s point of view on every issue, he has attempted to control Trump and make him appear to have some resemblance to a real president. Trump is the ultimate control freak, and refuses to accept advice from anyone else.

Conway is a facade, and the entire world is aware of that fact. She has zero credibility as a government official, and less as a woman in America. Conway serves no purpose in Trump’s circle of sinners with the exception of covering up Trump’s lies.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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