The Government has Reopened, but once again the People Lost

Republicans in name only

Once again a crisis has exposed the fact that America has a dysfunctional government. Our leaders were once respected for their willingness to place the needs of all Americans ahead of personal and political ambitions. There are no ‘great deliberaters,’ great statesmen, in Washington today. What exists is two parties whose only goals are power and control; the American people are an afterthought.

While we were sleeping, the government was shut down for over five hours. Although it is open today, the sketchy details of the budget and debt ceiling offer two realities. Once again our government places preparations for war ahead of the many serious domestic issues facing our nation’s people.

Every Republican was focused on one issue; increasing the Pentagon’s budget. Not a single GOP politician suggested that the focus be on over 49 million Americans living below the poverty line. There were no ideas offered from the right wing about how to effectively solve our problem with immigration; a problem exacerbated by Trump, John Kelly, and Stephen Miller. The future of healthcare remains tenuous. Republicans have made multiple efforts to repeal Obamacare, but have offered no solution for replacing it with comprehensive medical care for all Americans.

There is one undeniable truth about the failure of this Republican Party in name only. Trump’s tax reform bill, and this budget will add more than two trillion dollars to the national debt. No president in modern history had spent more taxpayer money and decreased revenue more than Donald J. Trump.

Trump’s tax bill reduces the revenue our government will receive annually by reducing corporate taxes radically. Although the tax rate for these major corporations was capped at 36 percent, the average tax actually paid was 18 percent. Now it has been reduced to a maximum of 20 percent. Corporations could pay an amount as low as 12 percent. Additional tax cuts have been given to Trump and 584 other billionaires, and 10.7 million millionaires. All of the former cuts are permanent. The burden will be on the middle class when their tax cuts expire in less than two years.

Trump is using taxpayer money to continue a life of luxury and privilege. According to Snopes, Trump, Melania, and Barron are spending $16,333,333.33 per month. Why are those who pretend to be ‘conservatives’ not screaming about this waste? This is simply more proof that Republicans are hypocrites.

Time for change; November 6th will be here soon. Vote!

Op-ed by James Turnage


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