Rob Porter, Security Clearance, White House Incompetence, and Domestic Violence

white house

There is a much more important truth about the White House’s failure with the Rob Porter incident. The fact that both of his ex-wives have accused him of domestic violence, is the tip of the iceberg. Porter worked as the president’s scheduler for more than a year. He was therefore privy to highly sensitive and secret information. He was required to fill out an SF86 security form and submit it to the FBI to obtain clearance. He never received that permission.

So who’s responsible for that fact? It’s a simple answer; the White House. All security clearances for White House personnel are the responsibility of an internal group which is required to insure that anyone who has access to sensitive information has obtained the proper credentials. In other words, for more than an entire year the White House was aware of the fact that Porter had not been cleared.

Sadly, this is typical of a White House which has been in disarray since the beginning. To this day Jared Kushner remains on Trump’s staff, although he lied four times on his SF86 form. He met with four high level Russian agents, but denied all of those meetings. He does not have the right to have access to secret material, but has been included in every decision by your illegitimate president.

This administration is the most corrupt and criminal in American history. The big question is ‘why isn’t everyone in Washington outraged?’ We have a fascist congress and a fascist president who are violating the Constitution daily, and are keeping secrets from the people of our country. They are ignoring the fact that this is our nation, and they serve us.

It is time for revolution. Your vote is a nuclear weapon which can destroy the Republican Party once and for all. We can take our country back and the people will be returned to power. The old, white men who have failed our country for nearly two-and-one-half centuries can be removed from their lives of luxury and privilege. Get out and vote on November 6th, and encourage others to do the same. We can defeat the enemy. Republicans in name only must be sent home, and replaced by representatives who will serve their owners; you and me.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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