Red States Disagree with Trump on a Major Issue

social security

Some Americans who supported Trump are feeling the effects of his deplorable policies. The Republican Party has waged a war on the working class for years, but Trump has exacerbated the situation. Even men and women in red states are beginning to realize that Trump is not the man they hoped he would be.

Advocates in Idaho, Nebraska, and Utah are lobbying for an expanded Medicaid program similar to the one adopted by the voters of Maine.

Luke Mayville and Garrett Strizich are traveling across Idaho gathering signatures to put expanded Medicaid on the ballot.

If I can, I want to make a difference where I grew up, because where I grew up has been overtaken by similar kinds of politics that seem to be taking over the country,” Mayville told HuffPost. “So I want to do something to push back against that.” […]

This feature of the Affordable Care Act allows low-income Americans to have access to affordable or free healthcare.

Trump and Ryan are attempting to end Medicaid, and reduce Medicare and Social Security. Millions of Americans who understand the system are asking ‘what has the government done with the money paid into Social Security since 1937?’ Not a single man or woman has ever received the full benefit they and their employers contributed to the program. There should be a surplus.

Trump and Ryan want to raise funding for the Pentagon, which wastes at least 50 percent of the money they receive each year, and at the same time reduce funding for social programs.

Individuals in Nebraska and Utah are making similar efforts to those in Idaho.

Immediately after Trump was elected and he revealed his agenda, it was obvious that the men and women who supported Trump would be harmed the most.

The entire Republican Party supports Trump, and are ignoring the American people. Time for change, and that change can happen on November 6, 2018. Please vote; this is the most important election in our nation’s history.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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