Trump’s Criminality and his Immoral Actions Will Destroy the Republican Party


When Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan decided to become hypocrites and support the most hated man in the world, they made another decision; to end the party of Lincoln, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, and Reagan.

I am a pacifist and proud of that fact. I was born after WWII in 1946, and witnessed wars waged by our imperialistic government in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq. All of these wars were unwinnable, and conflicted with the interests of the majority of the American people. The government of the United States has failed its people for nearly 70 years. 

Politicians sent everyday citizens from our nation into wars, fully aware that the outcome would not be favorable for our nation or our nation’s people.

Trump’s support is composed of 32 percent of the American people and a hypocritical and desperate group of Republican politicians. He is hated by the citizens of the world, and most of intelligent and patriotic Americans. By supporting this immoral and criminal president, the once Grand Old Party is facing an implosion which will end its existence.

The truth is that the Republican Party of today exists in ‘name only.’ As an Independent who received the right to vote in 1967, I found members of both parties I could support, based on my needs and wishes. I have not voted for a Republican since the year 2000. This group of traitors to my nation cannot pretend to be Republicans. They have no principles and no ideals which would positively affect the majority of the American people. By supporting Donald Trump’s illegitimate presidency, all Republicans have exposed themselves as individuals who no longer support the Constitution and the nation of our founding fathers.

After 2020, or possibly after 2018, the Republican Party will cease to exist. Our nation’s people, led by women, are responding to the war waged on them by Republicans for more than 25 years. Special interests own the GOP and must be defeated by all 320 million Americans.

Trump and his party have ruled our nation in a totally partisan manner for more than a year. This is not democracy, and this party must be destroyed by the electorate. We have the weapons, and they are powerful. Insuring that Democrats regain control of congress will destroy Donald Trump, and restore the America you and I loved throughout our lives.

Op-ed by James Turnage

Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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