A Plea to my Fellow Nevadans who Value their Freedom and their Country

Heller and McCaskill

As of today, the United States Senate is composed of 51 Republicans, 47 Democrats, and 2 Independents who usually vote with Democrats. Although only 8 Republican senators are up for reelection this year, a gain of two seats, and we can rid our nation of the greatest traitor to the American people in history, Mitch McConnell.

Dean Heller is one of those Republicans. He has failed the people of Nevada. He is another hypocritical politician who has bowed to his fuhrer constantly. He was one of the authors of Trump’s tax reform which has already harmed the state of Nevada. Thousands of Nevadans will lose their healthcare. In addition, the national tourism council has reported that under Trump’s administration 40,000 jobs will cease to exist. The loss in revenue is expected to be between 27 and 31 billion dollars each year. Las Vegas exists because of tourism and to a lesser degree Reno shares that fact.

Nevada is a poor state. The majority of our jobs are minimum wage or slightly higher. Trump and Heller’s tax plan will greatly harm social programs. Our government will experience lower revenue thanks to an extreme lessening of the corporate tax rate, and tax breaks for wealthy Americans. Money for these much needed programs will cease to exist.

In 2016 Heller was against legalizing recreational marijuana. In the first few months when it was offered to all Nevadans, tax revenues were increased by tens of millions of dollars.

Our legislators and our voters were fully aware that our neighbor, California, was expecting a positive vote on the issue of legalizing marijuana. Those same tax dollars would have moved to the ‘Golden State’ had we not passed our own law.

This money will go to schools, roads, and infrastructure repair, and add good paying jobs. However, Heller opposed the bill.

Heller’s opponent in the November election is likely to be Jacky Rosen, a Democrat. In the 2016 election the southern part of Nevada turned blue. Most of our state’s population is in Henderson and Las Vegas. Our electoral votes went to Hillary Clinton. A Democrat, Catherine Cortez Masto, was elected to the senate, and is the first Latina to be elected to that position. Comprehensive background checks for all gun purchases became law, although the bill was opposed by top Republicans in the state, including Heller, who receives thousands of dollars from the NRA gun lobby. And recreational marijuana was approved by a large number of our state’s citizens.

Heller does not have the interests of the people of Nevada as his priority; he places himself and his party ahead of those who elected him.

Time to send Dean home and elect someone who will support the people of the great state of Nevada.

Op-ed by James Turnage

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