What Republicand Don’t want You to Know about Lost Jobs in America under Trump’s Failed Leadership

Republican Losers

Most of Trump’s State of the Union speech involved the economy. Here’s what Republicans don’t want you to know about some of the effects of Trump’s tax reform legislation, and his intentional isolationist policies.

First of all, let’s go back to 2016 when Trump and Mike Pence traveled to Indiana and a Carrier heating and air conditioning plant. They bragged about saving a thousand jobs which were scheduled to go to Mexico.

In the last year and one-half, Carrier has moved some of its manufacturing operations to Monterey, Mexico. 600 employees have already been laid off, and 215 more reductions in the workforce are planned.

Mostly the result of automation, Kellogg has had mass layoffs in Battle Creek, Michigan, and is planning 1,100 more. Trump’s reduction of the corporate tax rate has encouraged Kellogg and other companies to spend money on equipment which will allow them to eliminate employees who cost them millions in salary and benefits.

One industry is suffering more than any other from Trump’s presidency. The tourism industry has lost 40,000 jobs. Research based on pre-planned air travel, informs that the travel industry alone expects to lose 6.3 million foreign visitors this year. This will result in an estimated cost to the industry of between 27 and 31.5 billion dollars each year.

Trump’s travel ban, combined with increased gun violence, and a growing number of mass shootings, have discouraged millions of people from many nations from planning vacations in the United States.

Manufacturing experts agree that millions of jobs will be lost over the next 10 years as automation replaces the human workforce. We are not training our nation’s youth in professions which will help them accomplish their personal goals in the future. Education was once a priority; no more.

One fact offers a mixed message. For the first time in American history, there are more women than men attending our colleges and universities. This is proof that women are no longer waiting for men to give them complete equality, they are taking it. However, I am worried about the possibility of fewer jobs being offered to less-educated young men in the future. Contrary to Republicans lies, poverty breeds crime.

Our government no longer serves or supports the majority. We do not have leaders; we have capitalists.

We need real change, and women will show us the way. Trump is too old to be our president, and most of congress should be retired. The average age in our nation is 37.8 years of age.


Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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