The Next White House Upheaval? John Kelly vs. Donald Trump: More Drama, and more Chaos

Kelly (3)

The word from the White House is that Trump is ‘fed-up’ with his Chief of Staff. Trump likes himself; far too much. He believes that his so called ‘free-wheeling style’ is the way to run the country. The more Kelly attempts to restrain Trump, the stronger his resistance. Trump has said many times that ‘he is smarter than anyone else,’ and he knows more about everything than anyone.’

These statements alone prove that he is mentally incompetent. We don’t need a lying doctor, or anyone else to prove that our illegitimate president is unfit for the presidency.

The media continues to both ignore Trump’s crimes and lack of morality, while holding him to the lowest standard possible.

Now, don’t think that I am a fan of John Kelly. He has proven himself to be a racist, and a xenophobe. This is about Trump and his refusal to take the advice of those in the highest positions offered in the White House. Trump’s ego is beyond normal; his mental acuity should be questioned by all patriotic Americans; Trump supporters and non Trump supporters.

Trump’s preferential ‘presidential’ actions have been through tweets. No one has analyzed why this is his choice of communicating with his supporters, but I will.

Trump lacks even average communication skills. He is unable to maintain an intelligent conversation, and public speaking terrifies him. He lacks a mastery of the English language, and is unable to understand the basics of government while completely void of knowledgeable comprehension of international affairs.

By tweeting, he can avoid interaction with others and resist expected questions and demands for explanations for his rants, demands, and counterattacks from his detractors. This is why he resents Kelly. Kelly has attempted to make him act like a grown-up. Trump is a child; a spoiled rich child who has never been required to act and react like a grown man. He is served by others; he does not serve them.

For Trump the end is near. He has been exposed and soon his many, many crimes and immoral actions will remove him from office.

Soon, America will be freed from its national nightmare. The tyrant who is much worse than King George III will be banned from our government and our nation. The dream of our founding fathers will be renewed as Trump and his circle of sinners will be not only powerless, but exposed as charlatans and criminals.

On November 6, 2018, the American people can take their country back from one political party which has failed to support the majority for more than 20 years.

Stop the advance of a plutocracy now!

Please spread the truth to all Americans; thank you.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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