One Man’s Insight into Donald Trump’s Missing Soul


I have written multiple times about the tragedy that is Puerto Rico. I have also railed against Trump’s lack of compassion and the reason he has virtually abandoned 3.4 million American citizens. If you’ve read me before, you know what I think of Trump’s white supremacist beliefs.

Everything I have previously written pales in comparison to the careful and comprehensive appraisal of Trump by Mark E. Andersen; his full article is attached. He begins by making an accurate claim that your illegitimate president is without empathy. Mr. Andersen and I mirror each other in our evaluation of most of the facts involved, beginning with our assessment of the failure of George W. Bush to properly assist the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Although Bush 43 was totally incompetent, he did reveal a sincere form of compassion for those suffering from the aftermath. Trump has reacted very differently; he appears to have absolutely no emotion regarding the victims of Hurricane Maria.

More than 100 days after the island was devastated nearly 50 percent of Puerto Rico fails to have electrical power. More than 30 percent are not able to access clean water for showers, cooking, and even consumption. Some estimates claim that restoring the island to its condition prior to ‘Maria’ will require years.

Mr. Andersen tells of one section of the island which was now isolated; the connecting bridge was destroyed by the hurricane. The residents created a pulley system which involved a shopping cart to receive life-sustaining supplies.

The documentary Mr. Andersen was watching when he decided to write his article included an interview with a member of the United States Army.

“The 288th is a water purification unit. We have four pieces of equipment to purify 1,500 gallons an hour,” said Capt. Duane Fousie, a native of San Antonio, and 288th company commander, “If we run all our equipment, in one 24-hour period we can purify 200,000 gallons that can be used for laundry, showers, cooking, by the engineers as well as the civilian population.”

The army has many of these units, none of which have been deployed to Puerto Rico although men, women, and children are sick and dying from E. coli contaminated water.

Trump must be aware of these facts, but obviously has no interest in the suffering of the people of Puerto Rico; he has no soul.

When Trump eventually traveled to Puerto Rico, he embarrassed himself and the world. His act of ‘shooting free throws’ with paper towels was revolting; he was playing a game. While he was recorded during a conversation with one family who had lost everything they owned, he walked away telling them to “have a nice time.”

Trump makes me sick. I am so ashamed of the man who represents my beloved country I could puke.

At one time I believed that his lack of compassion and concern was purely because most of Puerto Rico’s citizens are Hispanic; and a part of that is very likely true. I am now convinced that it wouldn’t matter; Trump only cares about Trump. He is similar to a serial killer; he has no emotions. Trump is dead inside.

Trump’s life has been privileged and unexceptional. He has accomplished nothing of value in 71 years. Money is his one love; his one god. Trump is unable to love another human being.

If he had not harmed so many good American men, women, and children, I could almost pity him. Sadly, he doesn’t deserve any emotion which might offer him forgiveness.

Please re-post; thank you.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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