Key Words and Phrases Special Interests Use to Misinform the American People


Today begins a new year, but it will mean nothing unless we, the people, create change. Throughout 2017 we demanded real change, but our protests fell on the deaf ears of an illegitimate president and his hypocritical party. We demanded that Obamacare remain the nation’s healthcare plan, but they attempted to repeal it and replace it with a law which would have murdered thousands of our nation’s people.

Trump’s tax plan gave a huge cut to large corporations, better known as ‘special interests.’ This single part of his bill will damage the future of the majority of the American people. We are at war against those very same special interests. A war needs foot soldiers, and we are 320 million strong. Soldiers fighting for special interests are in the House and Senate. In the House there are 248 men and women who bow to their owners; the Senate has 51. We can easily crush 299 Republicans, and we don’t have to wait until November 6th.


Protesting is patriotic. We must follow the example of millions of women who marched on January 21, 2017. We can literally shut down the country unless our demands are met.

Republican politicians control their supporters with key words and phrases which often have the opposite meaning of what they tell us.

Let’s begin with the obvious.

The media calls Trump a ‘populist;’ nothing is farther from the truth. They are assisting Republicans in their efforts to gain support from the American people through lies.

Populist: “A person or a politician who is mainly interested in the problems and needs of ordinary people.” Hitler used his Nazi Party to convince the population of Germany that if he was elected, he would represent the people.

Trump is using our nation as his personal business. Not a single proposal or executive order has been directed towards the needs and wishes of the majority. He is a member of the special interests who own the Republican Party. Trump is a narcissistic and greedy old man whose only interest is Donald Trump.

Take a close look at Trump’s tax plan; a plan which serves himself and other billionaires. Not only has he given himself a huge tax break personally, the law contains additional tax relief for Americans who own golf courses and large real estate holdings. Do we know anyone like that?

Any time you hear Republicans use the word ‘reform’ be very afraid. This means that they are planning to turn over control of an entity which belongs to the people to private industry. Prices will rise, and services will diminish.

When you hear Trump claim that “tax cuts will create jobs,” he is exposing his entire fiscal plan. Ronald Reagan created what he called “supply-side economics.” In the vernacular it is known as “trickle-down economics.” The theory is that if the wealthy have more money to spend, they will create more jobs. It failed under Reagan, Bush 41, and Bush 43. It will fail under ‘President Dumbass’ as well. When Reagan left office in 1989, unemployment was at 10 percent, and our country experienced a trillion dollar deficit. We all remember what happened to our nation’s economy under George W. Bush.

The truth is that our nation needs higher taxes. When you and your family have more income, life is easier. This is ‘Economics 101.’ Our nation’s treasury needs more funding; not less. Look what has happened to states who have Republican governors who made ‘austerity measures’ they primary fiscal policy; they are all experiencing heavy debt.

Right wing extremists, (that includes all Republicans today), love to use the phrase ‘liberal media.’ This is so farcical that it is hilarious. When the media tells the truth, it is liberally biased. When Fox Noise, the right wing propaganda machine of the Republican Party, or Rush Limbaugh lies on his sad radio broadcast, it is the absolute truth. This is how Republicans and their special interest owners attempt to brainwash uninformed Americans.

When Trump rails on about the stock market, he is making another false claim; ‘economic growth benefits everyone.’ This is the biggest lie of all. Other than working class men and women who have invested in 401K’s at their place of employment, most Americans have no connection with the stock market.

By intentionally excluding Democrats from the legislative process Trump is creating a plutocracy. A plutocracy cannot exist in a democracy; therefore Trump is instituting fascist policies in our government, and Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are bowing to their fuhrer.

My purpose for writing my blogs is to tell the truth to those Americans who do not seek the facts themselves. In 2018 I will be even more vigilant; it’s an election year, and I want to stand on a single and vital issue which will decide our nation’s future. We, the people, must take our country back. That means we must go to the polls on November 6th in enormous numbers and rid our nation of the evil men and women who call themselves Republicans. We can destroy the army of the special interests.

Please re-post; thank you and have a great and meaningful 2018.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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