It’s Never Trump’s Fault: He is now Blaming Jeff Sessions for the Loss of a Senate Seat in Alabama

Sessions (3)

Perhaps Trump is suffering from memory loss. I am not. Trump nominated Jeff Sessions as his Attorney General in payback for his part in the 2016 campaign. Was Trump not aware that Sessions had to leave the Senate to take a place in his cabinet? What we’ve learned about Trump in just over 11 months is very upsetting; he knows nothing about government.

A couple of weeks ago Republicans lost a senate seat in the reddest state in the nation. Pedophile Roy More was defeated by Democrat Doug Jones. Trump is now blaming the loss of that seat on Jeff Sessions, although he first supported Moore’s Republican opponent, and then Moore. Trump is not liked by the people of Alabama; a state where any Republican should be able to defeat a Democrat

Trump is now saying that Sessions never should have left the senate; really? I know that I wish he would have turned down the nomination, he is the most destructive Attorney General in our nation’s history. A white supremacist cannot be allowed to hold the position of our nation’s number one law enforcement officer. But Trump chose him, and should have been aware that a special election would be required in Alabama. He proves once again that he is totally unfit to wear the label of President of the United States.

Eleven months and seven days have proven that Trump has failed his on-the-job training. The truth is that he continues to get worse. He should be ashamed that he has used taxpayer money to travel to his resorts 111 times in less than a year. As for the American people, we should be relieved when he is not in the Oval Office screwing up our country.

The New Year is just four days away. But Trump is not planning to bravely take our nation into the future; he is focused on the past.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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