Ryan Wants Americans on Welfare to ‘Go to Work:’ My Response is “They will if you Will”

Ryan (3)

For eight years of President Obama’s administration, Republicans did nothing. They failed to pass a single bill of significance. Their work ethic continued for eleven months plus of the Trump debacle. The only bill they did pass will harm the majority of the American people and, as Trump told his millionaire and billionaire friends at Mar-a-Lago, “you’re going to get a lot richer.”

When Ryan was first sworn into the House, he had four goals, and all of them would harm Americans who struggle the most. Shortly after he took the oath of office, Ryan announced that he sought the end of Medicaid, huge reductions in Medicare and Social Security, and a complete reform of the welfare program. He made it perfectly clear that the wealthy deserved more money, and low-income and impoverished Americans should simply die.

Now that Ryan and his hypocritical party have passed the worst tax bill in history, without the support of a single Democrat, he is going after welfare recipients. In the past he has offered innuendos and at times openly stated that ‘most Americans on welfare programs are lazy and stealing government money.’

There is no mention of Trump wasting 90 million dollars of taxpayer money golfing and holding rallies, or the many fake investigations into Benghazi, Hillary’s private e-mails, and non-existent election fraud conducted by Republicans costing millions of dollars to taxpayers.

People want able-bodied people who are on welfare to go to work, they want us to get people out of poverty, into the workforce,” Ryan said Wednesday, according to Bloomberg News. “That’s good for them, that’s good for the economy, that’s good for the federal budget.”

The problem here is the fact that jobs which allowed Americans to support their families no longer exist inside of our nation. Education and training should be the priority, not attacking Americans who struggle to survive in a growing plutocracy.

As far as working, Ryan and his Republican cronies should try it. At a base pay of $174,000 per year and other “perks,” they are millionaires who refuse to face the plight of one-half of our nation’s people. Ryan’s wealth is estimated at $7.8 million; Mitch McConnell’s at $22.5 million.

More than 49 million Americans live below the poverty line, and that number is sure to grow under the Republican tax plan. Adding low-income Americans to that growing number and more than 150 million Americans are experiencing a reduction in their quality of life.

Every working class American should have a single goal; remove every Republican from office. If we do, we can take our country back from the worst president in American history. Congress is the most powerful branch in our government, and with Democrats in control, Trump would become even more useless.

November 6, 2018 is fast approaching. Please plan to vote and please re-post; thank you.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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